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Our events in 2020

Posponed to 2021

2020 was to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Granfondo d'Europa scheduled for the second weekend of September along the spectacular Strada del Friuli, but the Covid emergency, like many other sporting events, has meant that the Granfondo d'Europa in Trieste slips to September 2021.


The event, which has always been highly appreciated by the regional cycling sector and the nearby Italian and foreign regions as it is included in the international Alpe Adria Tour circuit with the participation of Italian, Slovenian, Austrian and Croatian athletes, was suspended in agreement with the other events. of the tour such as the Corsa per Haiti of Udine, the Charly Gaul of Trento and the prestigious Maraton Franja of Ljubljana to name a few.

immagine GF crono.jpg

It was a difficult decision, but unfortunately the conditions have been lacking such as the unavailability of the logistics base of the Granfondo of Europe in recent years, the Scout Hostel in Campo Sacro and the necessary anticovid prescriptions that would have certainly limited the participation, in particular, of foreign athletes. Birthday therefore postponed for a year with the confirmation as of now by the organizing company BoramultisporTrieste of the articulated program which in addition to the involvement of the cycling sector will propose the 6xFiore running track ultratrail - The six hours of the Karst and the always awaited dedicated Young Bike mountain biking for the very young.

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